1 1/2" Split Wire Loom (By The Foot)

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Made from polyethylene for high durability and strength.  The full length slit design makes it easier to insert longer lengths of wire.   Corrugated design resists crushing and provide the tension necessary to keep the slit closed throughout the whole length of the loom tubing.  Temperature range of -40° to 200° F, (-40° to 93° C). Suitable for covering larger gauge bundles of wire such as 12 gauge and 10 gauge, and can accomidate a cable up to 1 gauge in size.  Provides protection for wires and harnesses against abrasion and other environmental factors.  Easily cut to length using ordinary scissors.  Gives your harness a clean look.  Sold by the foot as a continuous piece.  May be packaged as a small coiul, bundle, or boxed, depending on the amount of loom you order.

LaVanture Products 1 1/2" Split Wire Loom (By The Foot)
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  • In stock (65)
$7.50 Excl. tax