10000# 3" Brake Assembly RH

Brand: TruRyde
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TruRyde 10K 12 1/4" x 3 3/8" Right Hand Electric Brake assemblyTruRyde part # BK-10KE-02

  • Measurements are 12 1/4" diameter by 3 3/8" width.

  • Paired with the Left side 10k electric trailer brake assembly can support axles up to 10000 lb.

  • This assembly uses a 7 bolt mounting pattern that should match your trailer axle. There is a pair of lead wires attached to the brake magnet. One is ground and one is power.

  • It doesnt matter which one you use in either location as long as they are attached properly. 

  • These 10k  electric brake assembly's are manual adjust so you will need to properly adjust them over time as the brakes shoes wear.

  • The way the brake assembly functions is there is a magnet that will apply friction to the lever in return pushes the shoes out into the drum causing friction which allows your trailer to come to a easy stop.


TruRyde 10000# 3" Brake Assembly RH
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Brand: TruRyde
  • In stock (63)
$190.00 Excl. tax