360 Swivel E-Track Rope Ring (01091)

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  • EAN: 724920120371
  • Article number: 210000001781


  • Working load limit of 1,300 lb.
  • Break strength of 3,900 lb.
  • Easy to install with a bolt-on 360 degree swiveling base.
  • Great for the floors or walls of trucks, vans, trailers, and garages.
  • Comes with one E-track spring latch rope ring.
  • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance.
  • Rope ring attachment is easy to remove when needed.
      Buyers Products Swiveling E-Track Single Slot with Rope Ring is a versatile, easy-to-use anchoring system that prevents your cargo straps from tangling. With a working load limit of 1,300 lb, it provides the perfect connection point for tie downs with S hooks, ropes, and cords.

    The swiveling base takes up little room and can be installed on walls or floors in a trailer, truck, van, or garage. It's easy to install with two pre-drilled bolt holes. A 2 inch rope ring is included for easy attachment. E-track rope rings easily snap and lock into place, providing an efficient anchoring point.


BUYERS 360 Swivel E-Track Rope Ring (01091)
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  • In stock (14)
$16.00 Excl. tax