How To Measure Your Trailer Axles - Johnson's Supply

 There are two critical measurements when it comes to measuring your Trailer axles for replacement.  In order to know what size axle you will need to replace your existing axle you will need to know the Hub Face & Spring Centers measurements.  

 The Hub Face measurement can be measured from the face of your hub or the back of the stud to the same location on the opposite side of the axle. If you have a 0 offset wheel which most trailer tires & wheels are, a good way to estimate this measurement is center of tire to the center of the other tire.

 The second measurement is the spring centers of the axles. This measurement can be moved with if you have access to a welder.  You can weld new spring perches on your axle at the correct measurements.  3,500 # pound spring perches can be found here: