Seven Reasons to Rent or Own an RV

Seven Reasons to Rent or Own an RV

Seven Reasons to Rent or Own an RV

Owning an RV can be rich with benefits for the owner and can function as a vehicle to vacations and family fun. While you should always do your research before purchasing or renting an RV to determine if they are right for you and your family, renting or owning an RV definitely has it’s perks. Here are seven reasons to own an RV.

Ability to Relax in Your Home Away from Home

RVs provide travelers with a home-like setting while out on the road. Equipped with living, dining, sleeping and bathroom accommodations, RVs offer owners all the comforts of home.

Inexpensive Way to Tour or Travel Long Distances

Are you planning to travel often over the next few years to see the country? If so, purchasing an RV may be just for you. RVs are a great alternative to purchasing plane tickets every six months or paying for multiple rooms at an extended stay or luxury hotel. They can prove to be an affordable option that enables you to travel and tour long distances taking in the sights and sounds on the way to your destination. You can stop anytime you want and see just about anything you want to see without having to deal with the rigidity of a true travel itinerary. According to Go RVing Canada, RV vacations, whether rental or purchased, can be upwards of 78% cheaper in costs.

Traveler’s Convenience

When one travels by RV, he/she eliminates the trials and tribulations that goes with airport travel. Say goodbye to long security lines or baggage claim areas. No need to worry about unloading heavy luggage. You only need to place your clothes into the closet, load your food and travel goodies onto the RV and hitch your automobile to the back of your RV, as long as it has towing capacity. Once you arrive at your destination, it should not be difficult to find a place to park, but depending on the size of your RV, you will want to plan ahead in case you need to locate a campground or RV park. Prices may vary with a range of $10 to $50 per night.

A Great Way to Experience the Outdoors

RVs allow one the ability to enjoy the great outdoors without actually having to sleep outdoors! Whether out for the weekend or on a week-long excursion, the RV can be your gateway to getting out and experiencing Mother Nature.

Promote Family Bonding Time

Traveling by RV can be a great way to create opportunities for much needed family time. The smaller space promotes family time, allowing you spend time with your loved ones in a less busy environment.

Live in an RV

Some people choose to live in their RVs as a way to save on expenses and to simplify living. They do not have the worries that are associated with lawn maintenance, property taxes or HOA dues.

Tax Benefits

There are a number of tax benefits that may be associated with owning an RV ranging from second home ownership to business related travel expenses. A qualified tax professional can help you identify potential tax break opportunities.