The many benefits of installing a washer/dryer in your RV

The many benefits of installing a washer/dryer in your RV

        How many times are you frustrated at ending a camping trip and have to tote smelly or dirty clothes home? The last thing I want to do is add to my ever growing list of chores that have accumulated while we are away. An RV washer and dryer is the perfect way to balance out your life. The RV's made today are more and more like a home away from home. Why not enjoy all the perks you can fit in your compact space. Take a look at this amazing bus conversion.  Robbie and Priscilla do a giant conversion and very tastefully gain not only a beautiful space to call their home away from home, but many amenities that most RV's don't have the space for.  

       Look at how innovative they are with the placement. Raising the bed allows for the washer/dryer to be placed under the bed. This is possible because this particular washer/dryer is vent-less. vent-less dryer requires no exhaust; it pulls in cooler air and heats it, but the air is cooled by a heat exchanger, and this causes the moisture in the air to turn to water. This water is collected in a containment chamber located inside the dryer. This process is repeated until the clothes in the drum are dry.

      When you have a Dometic RV washer dryer combo, you can do your laundry anywhere. Our compact units have efficient 15-minute wash cycles that allow you to do multiple loads on the go. You'll never forget to start the drying cycle after a load of clothes since this RV washer dryer combo allows you to automatically run your dryer based on pre-programmed settings.

      Having access to fresh clothes while on vacation means that you don’t have to pack as many items for your journey. You’re left with valuable storage space for food, cooking gadgets, or electronics. 

     You can find the all the washer/dryer combos that we carry here.



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