Power Gear Slide-Out Controller 14-1130

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This is a replacement board for Power Gear Slide-Out Controller 14-1130 and 140-1130.

The original Power Gear 14-1130 and 140-1130 are relay boards that have high power relays that route the power to the electric motors to operate your  Power Gear Slide Out System.

This is a drop-in solution to the original Power Gear 14-1130 and 140-1130.

If you have the older Power Gear 14-1098 board on your RV this won’t be a drop-in replacement. It is both slightly larger than the original 14-1098 board that has a single relay. If you have a 14-1098 board that has 2 separate black relays on it this board is the same size.

Regardless of what of 14-1098 board you have, you will need to change the stock wiring so that this 14-1130 board is electrically compatible with your system. If you do the changes this board will function in your system just fine.

If the Relay board you want to replace is part number 14-1130 or 140-1130 than this board will drop in and you just need to move over your Thermal Circuit Breaker and Glass Fuse from your older board.