Great News!!! We are currently working to make your shopping experience better. We will be introducing live quantity updates on all items available and will be adding many more new items to our website daily. In the meantime, we ask our wonderful customers to please be patient with our sites construction. You are more than welcome to enter our site and browse the items that are up and running. However, we do ask that you call 269-483-2249 before placing any orders as we are still in the process of making sure all items information is as accurate as possible. If you do not call before placing an order we cannot assure that what is on our website is correct at the present time and your order may be contingent on the accuracy of the items on our site until further notice. If there is an issue that we find with an order you may receive a call from one of our highly trained representatives. If you find any errors in the meantime we would very much appreciate if you would let us know. We are striving to make our website the best we have to offer. Thank you, Johnson's Surplus Team. The password to enter our website is 12195.