1/2" Blue Pex Tubing 100' Coil (682104)

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Meets CSA B137.5, NSF 14, 61, ASTM F 876, F 877 and UPC standards. 160 PSI @ 73.F DEG. F, 100 PSI @ 180º F, 80 PSI @ 200º F. Approved for hot and cold water applications. Replaces galvanized, copper or cpvc water lines without soldering or glues. Recommended for potable water systems. Purchase in coils or straight sticks. Available in red or blue colors to allow easy identification of hot or cold water lines. If using pipe outdoors, it must be buried or sleeved to protect from UV light. PEX tubing offers the following advantages: Environmentally Sound- Resists mineral buildup, corrosion, rust, and electrolysis- No solvents, bonding agents, or "glues" required- Provides clean, contaminant free water Easy and Safe to Install- Flexible- No flame, solder, flux, or gas used- Long-lasting performance Reliable