6" Oval LED Stop Tail Turn Reverse - Flush Mount w/6" Amp Pigtails T70-RWFA-1 (Kit)

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  • Save time and money with our new combination Stop/Tail/Turn and Reverse Light
  • Price reflects cost for a single LED Light.
  • Flange Mount - 8.00"x3.25"x1.37"
  • Fits all standard 6” oval applications
  • Fits standard mounting holes
  • 360° optics allow lights to be mounted at any angle
  • High intensity function only draws 0.14A at 12VDC
  • Reverse function uses an additional 0.30A
  • Dual Amp Connector

Wire Colors:

White Wire Ground

Yellow Wire Reverse Function

Red Wire Brake Function

Black WireTail Light Function