Delco Remy 8600529, 55SI Alternator, 12V, 430A, Pad, 1/2B+, RST

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Powerful: 12 Volt 430 Amp and 24 Volt 250 and 275 Amp models provide high output performance at engine idle for applications with significant electrical loads.

Durable: Brushless design has fewer moving parts. Fewer moving parts mean less wear and longer life. Equipped with Remote Sense which can reduce battery charge time by 50%  Remote Sense utilizes a second wire that reads the actual voltage at the battery. This signals the alternator to boost its output to compensate for the voltage drop, ensuring 14 Volts at the battery. The proper voltage forces more current into the battery bringing it to a full state of charge between vehicle stops.

Efficient: high efficiency translates to less engine horsepower requirements, resulting in substantial fuel savings.

Compact: Weighing in at 43 pounds with the frame length of only 8 inches, freeing up engine mounting space.