Disc/Drum High Temp Bearing Grease 14oz Tube

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  • For Disc & Drum Brakes
  • Heat & Water Resistant
  • Excellent Oxidation & Corrosion Protection
  • Wide Temperature Operability
  • Lithium Grease
  • Wide Range of Applications

Application: Automotive, mining, construction, ball joints, bearings applications
Color: Amber
Container Size: 14 oz
Container Type: Cartridge
Material: Lithium Complex
NLGI Grade:    2
Performance: Waterproof
Type: Bearing Grease
Working Temperature: 0°F - 350°F

In general, recommended for extended service in heavy-duty automotive, trucks, buses, farm tractors, construction equipment, high temp wheel bearings (disc brakes), roller & ball bearings, electric motor bearings, throw-out bearings, universal joints, chassis, fifth wheel, etc. This grease can also be applied in a wide range of other industrial applications.

    Excellent Mechanical Stability
    Very Good Oxidation and Corrosion Protection
    Withstands heavy loads and protects from wear
    Wide Temperature Operability
    Excellent Water Resistance

Recommended for automotive, mining, and construction applications. Ideal for ball joints, bearings, guides, slides, ball and roller bearings, disc brake systems, chassis points, conveyor bearings, wheel bearings, and press rolls.