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Dometic™ Duo-Therm 3314850.000 RV Non-Ducted Air Conditioner Air Distribution Box (ADB)

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Dometic™ Duo-Therm 3314850.000 RV Air Conditioner Air Distribution Box (ADB)This is the ceiling assembly for your Dometic rooftop air conditioner. It facilitates the process of air distribution from the A/C and returns air to the A/C. Equipped with a return air filter to prevent dirt accumulation on the air conditioner cooling surface. This air distribution box (ADB) does not have A/C controls on the unit. The air conditioner should be controlled by a Dometic wall-mounted thermostat (not included).Additional Info

Works with all Air Conditioner Upper Units we carry. 

Distribution Type Non-Ducted

Color White

Cut-out Dimensions 14" x 14"

Fits Roof Thickness 2" to 5.5"

Compatible with Dometic Air Conditioners: 541815, 541816, 641815, 641816, 457915, 459516, 459530, 540315, 540316, 640312, 640315, B57915, B59516, B59530, 641835, 541915, 541916, 641915, 641916, 551816, 651815, 651816