Dometic White Plastic Low Profile 301 Series Toilet (302301671)

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Dometic 300 series gravity-flush RV toilets offer powerful triple-jet action that removes waste completely. These residential-style Dometic toilets feature efficient foot pedal operation with adjustable water level.

  • Triple-jet rinseClean and watertight
  • Foot pedal operationEfficient
  • Residential-styleFull-size seat


  • Standard Height or Low Profile
  • Very lightweight
  • Full-size residential-style seat
  • Efficient foot pedal operation with adjustable water level
  • Triple-jet bowl rinse
  • Contemporary styling
  • White or bone finish
  • Optional hand spray
  • Two-bolt installation
  • 1-year warranty


Unit Weight 8.5 lbs. (3.86 kg)

Unit Length 20.0 in. (0.51 m)

Unit Width 16.0 in. (0.41 m)

Unit Height 20.3 in. (0.51 m)

At-home Styling Full-size seat and low-profile toilet design make the lightweight model 301 toilet a perfect choice for campers and other smaller pleasure vehicles. It adds home-style toilet size and comfort to any camping trip, complete with robust, bowl-clearing flushing action that many other RV toilets can’t match.

Easy to Use Efficient foot pedal operation with adjustable water level

Superior Cleaning Action Triple-jet bowl rinse

Stylish Contemporary styling

Home comfort Full-size residential-style seat

Space-saving Low profile

Superior cleaning Triple-jet bowl rinse

Inspired design Very lightweight

The Perfect Touch Contemporary styling