Drain Plugs (11634)

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Item #: 11634

Replace your RV 1/2" water heater drain plug quickly and easily with this convenient two-pack. Included in the two-pack is a standard plug for everyday use and a vented drain plug to use when your tank is empty and in storage. The vented plug helps provide airflow while keeping out bugs. Both drain plugs have standard 1/2-14 NPT pipe threads. Use three to five wraps of Teflon tape to seal threads to prevent leaking.

  • Replace your 1/2" water heater drain plug quickly and easily
  • Includes one standard drain plug and one vented plug for use when in storage
  • Vented plug provides airflow to help prevent the growth of mildew when water heater is empty and not in use while also helps keep out insects
  • 1/2-14 NPT pipe threads fits various RV Water Heaters makes and models
  • Install using a 7/8" wrench or Camco’s 11633 Water Heater Wrench