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Valterra Silverback Sewer Hose Kit 20'

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  • 20' kit includes two 10' sewer hose fittings and one clear 90° universal sewer adapter
  • Collapses for easy storage (10' hoses collapses to 38")
  • Springs back when compressed
  • Stays flexible down to -20°F, Maximum temperature of 150°F
  • 24 mil polypropylene with UV protection; Durable, 100 mil protective beading

Valterra has a new sewer hose for your recreational vehicle.  Valterra's part #D04-0675 has two twenty foot hoses and the four-in- one elbow adapter.  This sewer hose kit lets you drain your recreational vehicle's black water and gray water tanks at a dump station.  All the components you need to get the job done are included in this sewer hose kit. With the two twenty foot hoses and the four in one elbow adapter you have what you need to easily connect at the dump station.  It is designed to fit a three inch slip and a three inch, three and a half inch, and four inch threaded sewer inlet. The 90 degree elbow reduces the amount of stress placed on the hose by preventing it from bending sharply.  No more guessing whether your tanks are empty. Because of the clear plastic you can see when your tanks are empty. 
All fittings on the hoses are swivel fittings.  The fittings rotate to ensue that your hoses always stay flat, which makes connecting much easier. The hoses are designed to maintain their shape yet they are flexible and will stretch out and compress easily. They will stay flexible down to -20 degree Fahrenheit.  The fittings rotate so that you can easily secure the hose to the adapter. If you need to move the hoses around a corner or an obstacle you won't have to fight with them.  They will conform back to their collapsed position. Bend them and flex them to the position you need them to be in.
Setting the hoses up is easy.  Connect one of your hoses to your standard 3 inch lug fitting on your RV's waste valve.  If you need the full 20' you can connect the two hoses together and extend it out .  If you don't need the full 20' just use one of the 10' sections. Then connect the end of the hose to the elbow adapter and then connect to the dump station and start emptying your tanks. There are internal seals on the hose to prevent leakage at the connections points. Due to the 24 mil polypropylene construction your hoses are very durable and a lot stronger than the basic ones on the market. The 100 mil protective beading projects the hose from damage. It it gets accidentally run over or crushed it is made to spring back to its normal shape. The hose is the standard three inches in diameter. Each hose extends to 10 foot and when fully collapsed they are about 38 inches long.