WonPro WA-9 Universal to European Grounded Schuko Power Plug Adapter

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Before you can enjoy all the fabulous places that you want to visit on your trip to Europe, your to-do list is in between you and your vacation. Planning a trip can get overwhelming, but the more prepare you are the easier it will be and the more you can enjoy. First thing that you should have in mind is a Power plug adapter.

I know it?s the least of your worries, but it will mean the difference between having the most wonderful vacation and one that was not so wonderful. The power plug adapter will help change the plug from your device to the outlet of the country you?re visiting. The grounded version is meant for your sensitive items that need an extra protection which should already have a grounded version, usually the ones with three prongs.

The UNIV-9schuko is a type F plug with two round, parallel prongs and 2 recesses one on the top, and one on the bottom that are used to receive the 2 metal plates located on the Type F power outlet for grounding. The UNIV-9 is compatible with type E which is also grounded and type C that has no earth grounding connection. The front panel has a patented universal receptacle design to accept most types of the plug around the world.

  • The Type F plugs are found in some European countries such as Germany and Austria.
  • The grounding for type F plugs it's commonly know as Shuko style.
  • Type F outlets also present one slit on each side that grip into the protuberance present in each side of the type F plugs for a more secure grip to the outlet
  • Allows the plug-in of equipments into a Type F,E and C wall outlet
  • Rated for 16A 220-250 Volts 50/60HZ can be used on Computers and other items that contain detachable power cords.
  • Electrical Rating: 10A 250V, 15A 125V
  • Input: Universal socket, can accept a single plug from any country