Toilet Bucket Replacement Bags - 10pk (41548)

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  • EAN: 014717415484
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Camco Toilet Waste Bags are a double-bag design great for hiking, camping hunting or marine use. The double bag is durable and leak proof, and the inner bag contains a biodegradable powder that turns any liquid it comes in contact with into a gel. Bags can be used as an inner-liner with Camco’s Toilet Bucket, or they can be used alone. 10 pack.

  • Great for hiking, camping, hunting or marine use
  • Double bag design is durable and leak proof
  • Inner bag contains biodegradable powder that gels any liquids upon contact
  • Compatible with Camco Toilet Buckets, or can be used alone
  • 10 pack
Toilet Bucket Replacement Bags - 10pk (41548)
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  • In stock (6)
$13.06 Excl. tax